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As a Coastalwatch Plus member you’ll score ad free surf cams, use of our wave tracker tool, access to extended forecasts and reports validated by surfers, plus exclusive content like the Nick Carroll Surf Coaching video series and our Surf Forecasting workshops. If you’re a surfer, you need Coastalwatch. Coastalwatch Plus: The number one destination for surfers who want to find and surf better waves. Sign up today for a FREE 15 Day Trial.

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Keen to locate the best waves near you? Get your froth on for an upcoming trip? Or just know what’s coming so you can prepare your best sickie excuse? Coastalwatch is the number one destination for surfers who want to find and surf better waves.

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About Coastalwatch

Since its inception in 1998, Coastalwatch has been committed to bringing the coast to you. With over 100 live cameras, daily surf reports, forecasts, news and features from around the country’s coast, Coastalwatch has grown into the Australia’s most comprehensive coastal reference site. Using our camera network and working with some of the country’s pre-eminent coastal scientists our monitoring arm, CoastalCOMS provides vital real-time data on beach erosion, risk and surf quality for councils and governments, lifeguards and rescue services.

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