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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Red Bull Cape Fear?

A. Red Bull Cape Fear is an innovative, invitational big wave surfing event held at one of the world’s most challenging and dangerous waves located in Sydney, Australia. It features 20 of the world’s top “slab” riding specialists, who all dedicate their lives to finding and riding waves that many would fear to look at.

Q. How are the surfers selected?

A. The 20 surfers are made up of local and international big wave specialists and are selected based on their experience at the break and proven record for heavy surf. Surfers are handpicked by our event partner, Ultimate Surf Battles in conjunction with Red Bull Australia.

Q. When is it on?

A. In order to get the best surf conditions for the event, there is a waiting period from 01 May to 31 August, 2017. For the event to be called 'ON', the ideal swell forecast will predict a moderate to long period ESE swell in the range of 8-10ft (3-4m) with light south west to west winds. There will be a 48-hour period from the 'ON' call for all invited surfers to make it to Sydney in time for the event.

Q. How will I be notified when the event is called 'ON'?

A. Sign up to the mailing list on the website and keep your eyes and ears on our social channels – follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Q. Can I come down to the event?

A. The event site for Red Bull Cape Fear will be closed to spectators, however the event will be broadcast LIVE and free at The adjoining headland is in a National Park and the area cannot safely accommodate spectators, and large crowds could also potentially damage the environment. Given this, no spectators will be permitted at the Yena picnic area. All other areas of the National Park will remain open for visitors.

Q. How can I enter the event?

A. Red Bull Cape Fear is an invitational surfing competition, comprised of 20 of the world's top big wave surfers and local specialists.

Q. So there is no chance of getting a spot?

A. Sorry, just not possible! The surfers were selected on merit of their experience at the break and their proven track record of riding heavy waves. Alongside the 20 invited surfers, there is an alternate list of 8 specialists from Maroubra, Cronulla and other heavy breaks around Australia. Should one of the invited surfers be unable to make it to Sydney, their spots will be replaced by the Australian alternates.

Q. I'm a photographer, can I come and take photos at the event?

A. As the event is a closed site, we are unable to take any requests for photography accreditation.

Q. How do I register for media accreditation?

A. As the event is a closed site, content and press materials will be distributed directly to media.